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Student- slut
We�re back to the cute teens for the next couple of weeks, folks! This week I set sail in the good ship, �Slip� with my net in tow and trawled a very nice teen student called Scarlet. Having done my usual routine, i.e., �You look like a model, fancy earning some wonga?� routine, she happily returned to our place and brushed up really well, as a so called �Jim Slip Babe�. You�d never guess what she chose to wear! Well, of course you�d guess, because that�s what is all about, smiley, cute girls dressed in little skirts, stockings and heels, behaving badly. Anyway Scarlet, looked stun...
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Young student Honey Demon
Honey Demon - Young student Honey Demon

At this time of year Budapest is full of earnest rencontre extra-conjugale studying all the artefacts of Hungarian history. This week I spotted young Honey drawing one of the statues in the famous "Heroes Square" in Budapest. At first I thought she was one of those nutty Japanese tourists you see around, but on closer inspection I realised that it was in fact a student with pad and pen. I did my usual, "Are you a model" routine with her and discovered that Honey was in fact from Romania. I enticed her back to chez moi and got her dressed up in a ballerina's outfit and wow, she looked great. You will not believe the transformation she made, from sensible, bespectacled student to wanton slut, even I was shocked!
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Attempt an arse-fuck
Sara - Attempt an arse-fuck

Well folks it's back to the Festival Of Babes I'm afraid. Sometimes I think there is no pleasing you. I had a letter the other day saying "Dear Jim, I just can't take any more of these beautiful babes, they're just too damn hot. Can you put some ugly birds on, to calm me down?" ...... NO I CAN'T!, Mr Mugabe of Cleethorpes. Here is the lovely Sara to drive you mad. I had to split her in two parts (not literally) because she's too horny to take in one episode, what with her creaming herself on the bed. Next week, we attempt an arse-fuck which will make your hair curl!
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Tiffany Doll in Anal
Tiffanny Doll - Tiffany Doll in Anal "Ooh La! La!"

A few weeks ago you will remember the delightful Tiffany Doll, dressing up in a little kilt, knee highs and so on and doing her stuff. Well, believe it or not, she's back for some, "Amusement, porte de service!" I couldn't believe it when she phoned me and announced, "'Ello Jim, mon petite little ross biff, I am wanting to retourner pour le, 'ow you say, all anal action, how do you thinking mon cherie avec ketchup?" Naturally, "I said, you can come back as long as you will speak as much French as possible because it turns me on!" Even when she announced, "La toilette est bloqu�e!", it gave me a raging hard-on!
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Sluts revisited month
Angel Long - Sluts revisited month

Welcome to Jim Slip's, "Sluts revisited" month! This is where especially slutty girls from the past have been brought back for more fun. This week we have an audience with Angel Long. Many will recall Angel's first appearance on the site some 6 years ago and at the time she was a pretty wanton slut. NOW SHE'S EVEN WORSE!! Yes, this week she lies on a bed with me and recalls, tales of her exploits, whilst jamming my dick into her mouth, which would be quite difficult to do for most girls, but not for "Crowned Queen of Sluts", Angel Long, who managed to suck my dick, tell her story, sniff the bed sheets and get fucked virtually all at the same time!
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Back by popular demand
Madison - Back by popular demand

Well, back by popular demand may I present a whole week devoted to Madison's Bottom. Yes folks, you craved it, you demanded it and you lusted after it, so I, Jim Slip made the intrepid, selfless, nay, hazardous journey to Budapest, to seek out Madison's beautiful, pert bottom and penetrate it. Not before dressing her up in a "Sexy Sailor" outfit and a pair of knickers saying, "Hello Sailor" emblazoned on the back. I must admit they'd go down a storm in the gay community, imagine the effect you'd have wearing those at your local public convenience! Anyway, sit back and enjoy a lovely bottom at the peak of perfection!
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Approach with secret camcorder
Holly Kiss - Approach with secret camcorder

This week Lara and I are in the beautiful Peak District of England, which I strongly recommend to everyone to visit! Anyway, travelling down one of the empty roads, I spied a damsel in distress looking under the bonnet of her car. I approached her with my secret camcorder and asked, "Have you broken down?" which was a stupid question, because why on Earth would a girl be looking under a car bonnet? It transpired that her name was supposedly "Holly Kiss" but I think she had a suspicious resemblance to that star of stage and screen "Liz Hurley." She had an arse to die for, especially clad in her skin tight denims. Anyway I managed to convince her to come back to my place for some hot porno action!
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